Songwriters Kickstart

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  • Take this Self-Paced online songwriting and music business course
  • Over 50 lessons and training modules for you
  • Learn how to write a song, copyright a song and promote a song
  • Develop your songwriting skills along with your music business skills
  • Go through the program at your own pace to fit in your busy schedule
  • Get over your writer’s block and write deeper and more colorful lyrics
  • Turn your melodies into strong musical phrases that support your lyrics
  • Break out of the box and start crafting more creative chord progressions
  • Learn song structure to tie everything together into a cohesive musical expression
  • Discover easy ways to make sure your songs are protected
  • Set up your own artist website and learn the best ways to promote your songs online
  • Get more gigs and improve your performance and comfort on stage
  • The confidence you need to succeed

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Songwriter's Kickstart

Become a Better Songwriter

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