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It's time to dive in and create a plan to promote your music and build a successful and sustainable career!

The Music Business Accelerator online training program will teach you how to START from where you are today and move forward with your music and finally develop the recognition you've always wanted.

My job is to show you HOW to effectively promote your music, launch your music projects and build a well-respected music career.

I'll teach you -- just like I have for tens of thousands of musicians -- how artists become successful performers, songwriters, producers, and savvy business people.

You'll join an elite group of students who have started from scratch and have gone on to sell their music, merchandise and tickets to a rapidly growing fan base.

How do musicians create sustainable careers, build huge followings, and create the life in music that they desire? The Music Business Accelerator explains it all and gives you examples, templates, case studies and the tools to help you get going on the career of your dreams.

You CAN inspire people with your music! It's time to turn that passion into income that can sustain you!

It's time to get the life in music you always wanted. The Music Business Accelerator teaches you how...

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What You Get:

Music Business Accelerator Program (value $497)

12-module training course for musicians, performers, songwriters, producers and managers. Training begins as soon as you sign up. Like an MBA for musicians, this self paced online music business training program is designed especially for indie artists. Learn the strategies that will help you go from creativity to commerce. Learn how to get more fans, sell more music, score licensing opportunities, book more shows, collaborate and network, and more.

Get the confidence to develop your own strategies, create an action plan for success, and start taking ACTION towards your dreams. You'll learn how to focus in on what you REALLY want and set actionable goals that will be much easier to achieve. 

Learn how to organize your time and juggle all those daily tasks you need to do to keep your career moving forward. You'll learn how to prioritize and delegate so you can be more efficient and get more done faster.

Stop being confused by the recording industry and learn everything you need to know to get your album or single recorded and released to your fans. Get tips for maximizing your time in the studio and building up hype so your music gets the recognition it deserves.

Discover easy-to-implement approaches to booking great gigs on your own, or attracting a booking agent. We'll show you how to get your foot in the door in new venues and cities and how to handle the logistics of selling merch. 

Keep your music protected! We'll demystify those confusing copyright laws and put everything in plain english so you know exactly how to leverage your rights.

Break into licensing and publishing as an indie musician. Learn about all the licensing options available to you and how you can network your way to the people in the industry who want to license your music for films, TV shows, commercials, and more.

Learn how to break through the noise and get your music noticed by true fans who will support your career. You'll learn how to define your niche and identify your audience AND how to communicate your message on social media in an authentic and engaging way.

Don't let money hold your creative vision back! Learn how to successfully raise money for your projects with crowdfunding, and how to keep your money organized with effective budgeting practices and tools (because no one wants hard-earned income falling through the cracks!)

Super Bonus (Value $497)

Music Promotion Challenge Workbook and Cheat Sheets

This is the Music Promotion Challenge Workbook and Cheat Sheets I’ve been talking about. This SUPER BONUS will help you promote your music and apply everything we covered in the webinar step-by-step with checklists and action items to amp up all your promotional activity and keep you on track.

• How to tap into existing audiences
• How to get on Spotify playlists
• How to energize your fans with giveaways
• How to leverage content you have to reach new people
• Easy ways to grow your email list
• How to use live streaming to extend your reach

BONUS #1 : Indie Artist Network (value $497)

Get exclusive access to our network of indie artists, songwriters, producers, managers, label owners, publishers and music business people from around the world.

As soon as you signup, you'll receive a special invite to our private Facebook Group with hundreds of active members.

Here you'll be able to find people to collaborate with, co-write with, learn from, and bounce ideas off of. There are literally hundreds of people begging us to let them into this group, but hey - members only ;)

BONUS #2 : Musicians Resource Toolkit (value $497)

There are literally thousands of music tools and services out there to help you pursue a career in music. But... How do you know which is the best option??

We have compiled the best of the best into a curated list of hundreds of resources from around the globe. Find website platforms, distributors, merch companies, social media management services, analytics, and more

This Toolkit will save you countless hours of searching and researching. Plus, we are constantly updating these resources so you can spend your time pursuing your dream and not searching around trying to find all of the answers on your own.

These resources include:

  • Marketing & branding resources
  • Email marketing and collection tools
  • Social media marketing tools 
  • Website & hosting platforms
  • Industry directories
  • Distribution services for your music
  • Live & touring services
  • A list of merchandise companies
  • Crowdfunding and fan funding options
  • Music publishing
  • Copyright & legal resources
  • Contract templates and examples
  • A library of our best webinars
  • Finance & Budgeting tools
  • The music biz books everyone should read
  • Music industry blogs & articles 
  • A list of conferences & awards
  • Links to informative career guides and ebooks

BONUS #3 : Project Planner, Career Map and Budget (value $497)

These three workbooks will help you make and execute a plan for success.

We will ask you all the questions a good manager would ask you to help you organize your thoughts and focus your approach. And when you are finished, you'll have a plan of attack that's specifically created to address your individual career.

PROJECT PLANNER - Go through the steps for planning and launching a successful music project. You'll see how to break your project down into smaller tasks, how to start raising awareness for your project before it's even released, and how to fund your vision.

CAREER MAP - Get a big-picture understanding of your career and your goals. This document will ask you questions to get you thinking about your long-term vision for your career and show you how to translate a big goal into smaller tasks so you can start moving forward today.

BUDGET -  Plug your numbers into this easy-to-use spreadsheet to get a comprehensive understanding of your finances. Use this spreadsheet to track your income and expenses and plan your investments.

These guides are something that you will not find in ANY other program out there and are proven tools to help you plan your projects and guide your career.

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Get $2985 worth of valuable training, networking, business resources and templates!

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What They're Saying

“I honestly think the courses are amazing and that anyone that wishes to earn a living from music NEEDS to sign up. I’ve worked for an indie label for quite a few years and have seen first hand the problems musicians and songwriters face. In short, you guys are doing a great job, so keep it up!” - Lourdes

“I love what Dave is doing. It is intelligent. heart driven and serves the demands of an industry in flux. His empowering techniques are the foundation. The New Artist Model is refreshing. Dave correctly nailed the genre that we are running with for the song I Am Light (Celestial pop) which is currently finding a home on Top 40 radio formats in 15 countries and growing.” - Rishi D

"New Artist Model really helped to get me organized. I was able to set up goals and feel more confident about the direction of my career. As a result I’ve got over 50 Million Views on Facebook for a comedy music video. Thanks for your guidance Dave!" - Jensen Reed

"I AM OFFICIALLY MAKING A LIVING DOING WHAT I LOVE ! GREAT NEWS !!! You guys know I’ve been on tour, right, so for the months of March and April, I’ve been able to cover my rent AND my gas AND my food and other expenses through MY MUSIC !!  Merci Dave ! Your advice and inspiration has been invaluable to me!" - Irenka

"Once going thru it you’ll be ready to take on the BEAST known as the music industry, and thrive!!!! I love the well rounded information and insight that I’m receiving.I also like the assignments because they force you to put all the knowledge and insight into something tangible." - Keem

I now have over 5000 followers. I have hundreds of people who are happy and eager to share my content, and because of I have 50,000 plays a day in less than two months. I wouldn’t have believed myself at this time last year if I knew where I would be today.” - Matt P

“You have been such a great help and mentor since we joined the beginning of this year, and we greatly appreciate you. We are looking forward to this journey doing what we love and sharing love of music to the world!” - Eden K

“Your course has changed my life. I must tell you that it was because of you and your gentle and supportive energy that my instincts told be to JOIN this group. This experience has introduced me to some of the most wonderful and giving individuals I’ve met to date.  If I did nothing else with this course I would already call this a huge success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Lisa

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For 20 years, Dave Kusek has been innovating and leading the digital music industry.

  • Founder New Artist Model...
  • Founder of Berklee Online…
  • Teacher of tens of thousands of musicians...
  • Co-author of the Future of Music best selling music business book…
  • Helped to get the MIDI Standard started...
  • Founder of Passport Music Software...
  • 4 Years of sold out online music business programs…

How does he do it all?

How have his online students grown their fan bases and created sustainable careers? 

Take the Music Success Challenge and get this >>

Learn how to get started promoting your music, creating and implementing with more more FOCUS, and more IMPACT.  We can't do it for you, and we cannot guarantee your specific results, but…

We CAN guarantee that this is the best program in the world for modern independent musicians, songwriters, producers and managers.


Why spend a decade or more figuring this stuff out when Dave Kusek has already done it for you?

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars at a music business university when you can learn the same thing from your studio?

Let us shorten your learning curve and give you the same strategies and checklists that thousands of indie artists around the world already have in place.

Signup today and you'll get ALL of our best start-from-scratch, step-by-step marketing and music business strategies with the Music Success Challenge!

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This is all of Dave Kusek's best step-by-step plans and the culmination years of research and insight....

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