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Learn music theory fast and easy

This 10 module online course will take you step-by-step through the essential elements of music theory. Learn music theory fast and easy through 10 HIT SONGS that you can easily understand.

This is the fastest way to learn theory and the universal concepts that popular artists and songwriters use every day to craft the hits.

We show you how to apply theory to create your own cover versions of the songs. You’ll get examples to practice and see you how to use theory in your own music.

  • Build your confidence as a musician

  • Save time when arranging and writing

  • Get the music out of your head

  • Break out of your old habits

  • Be able to jam with anybody

  • Understand why great songs work

  • Discover the secrets you missed

  • Become a better songwriter

  • Improve your live shows

  • Grow your audience


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In the course you will learn NINJA SKILLS that will give you a thorough understanding of modern music theory including Notation, Rhythm, Subdivision, Melody, Harmony, Scales, Intervals, Key Signatures, Nashville Numbering, Chords, Major, Minor, Perfect, Diminished, Augmented, Diatonic Harmony, Phrasing, Chord Function, Chromaticism, Relative Minor, Modes, Triplets, Pentatonic, Diatonic, Harmonic Sequence, Motivic Sequence, Interval Quality, Building, Creating Tension, Voice Leading, Inversions, Open Voicing, Arpeggios, Contrary Motion, Parallel Motion and much more.

What People Are Saying:

“I wish I had this when I was 19! What a great way to start to learn about theory, harmony and marketing without losing sight of the important connection to the music you love. I’ve been able to unlock some of the songwriting secrets that had eluded me for years.”


“I learned a lot in Hit Music Theory. What I got most out of it was to learn to listen. It's forced me to challenge myself and grow. It's also a great tool to revisit, to refresh and see (or hear) what else I can learn. I certainly enjoyed what I've learned so far from Hit Music Theory and I - thank you both.”


“I finished up the course last night, and I can’t wait to see the expression on my accompanist’s face when, instead of making him try things until I like them - I tell him what I want, beat by beat. Thank’s Daniel for the enlightenment.”


“I’ve had some exposure to theory but I now find myself with a an understanding that connects all the parts to each other and to my concepts of what I want to hear in my music. The course gets stronger as it goes along”


“Using familiar songs to introduce the theory made it a lot more appealing and I got super excited about a few of them! Stay!!). What a motivating way to get into theory.”


“I just wanted to say THANKS for this. I've already had so many "aha" moments, being an independent singer/producer myself.”


“Thanks again for this brilliant programme. It has been instrumental in making my new concert series a success and in building our group.”


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Hit Music Theory $49.00 USD
Music Business Guide to Success > $37.00 USD
Due Now $86.00 USD
Due Now $49.00 USD
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