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Music Production for Licensing Bootcamp

Personalized coaching from Gary Gray. 

Get 12 weeks of personal 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring with award-winning producer Gary Gray. Learn how to produce, mix and master music specifically for licensing by learning this specialize skill directly on your DAW. Create music people will stand up and notice. Get the complete Lucrative Home Studio training program including all ear training exercises and revolutionary workflows.

• 1 on 1 mentoring with Gary Gray.
• Learn How to Write, Produce, Mix,  Master
• Produce your next HITs at home.
• Complete Lucrative Home Studio training.
• Record – Mix – Master – Produce.
• Get radio ready mixes every time.
• Create Confidence in yourself.
• Build a 6 figure money machine.
• Master the business mindset.
• Find your niche.
• Find high-paying repeat clients.

• 12 Weeks of Personalized Mentoring.
• Live 1 on 1 coaching calls with Gary.
• Master this Specialized Skill.
• Tap into Revolutionary Workflows.
• Get feedback on your music and your home studio business.

Includes these BONUSES 

BONUS #1 - Indie Artist Networ

BONUS #2 - The Home Studio Bible

BONUS #3 - Downloadable Home Studio Layouts


What People Are Saying:

I feel very fortunate to have discovered Gary and his techniques. Like many producers, I was struggling to understand when a song is complete, how to complete them faster, and which plug-ins do you really need. There are thousands of free “tips and tricks” videos online which can be useful, but it is extremely difficult to develop a systematic approach to music production from these. Further, some of the ‘tips’ ultimately do more harm than good. After working with Gary for just a few sessions, his program exceeded every expectation I had. His strategy of modeling and his unique set of tactics for “re-records” is game changing for any producer aiming to become professional.


Gary Gray has had a profound effect on my life, and my music career, over the course of this last year since I first started studying with him. He has exponentially increased my knowledge about the business, and my confidence and skills are both reaching new heights I would not have been able to attain without his help. My productivity and quality of work is far higher than it was just a year ago, and my ears and business senses are way sharper thanks to his mentoring! I am now placing music with libraries and publishers, and landing jobs mixing and mastering projects for clients as well. After dreaming about a well-paying career in the music business for all of my life, I feel like I am finally beginning to realizing those dreams, and Gary has been a vital part of the success I am now enjoying. I will forever be thankful for his help, and I hope that one day, I too will be able to help the next generation of creatives to realize their dreams. Throughout a very challenging 2020, Gary has been a beacon of light, hope, support, and inspiration!


My biggest improvement this year came as a direct result of integrating Gary's Checkerboard A/B Machine into my workflow. I use this tool every time I mix and every time I mix my ear gets better. It also improves and regulates my confidence level and creates a "home" to return to if I ever get stuck. It's truly a life-changing system. I have also started conducting remote sessions with collaborators using the Gary's Remote Session Workflow. I just got off of a call with a collaborator in which we set up the Checkerboard AB in his DAW for the track we are co-writing/producing and, after doing some close listening utilizing 3 carefully-sourced reference tracks, I could feel our confidence level and excitement about the song at an all-time high. Other wins for this year include: having a track I performed vocals on featured in a full-length Hollywood feature film; getting my first client who is paying my hourly rate (instead of on a project basis); successfully beginning the process of hiring an intern (I have 3 responses to the ad!); building a new PC/workstation that is stable and can handle anything I throw at it.


Being able to produce in our own home studio has opened up a whole new world of possibility. We are currently mentoring with Gary Gray and taking his Lucrative Home Studio course, which has been a game changer for us. We have learned about cutting-edge cross-collaboration platforms that have helped us co-produce with others over Zoom. Additionally, we have learned his revolutionary technique of A/B’ing, and are able to compare our own mixes with industry standard recordings, making adjustments in real time. Gary’s detailed critiques of our songs have helped to catapult our songwriting and production skills forward. Despite the pandemic, homeschooling two young children and other challenges that have occured along the way, we have learned over the past year that small but consistent action, measurable goals, lots of lists and hard work add up to wins over time.

Kristen & Tai

Been loving the Lucrative Home Studio course and it’s really eye opening for me. You just saved me $14,000’s on new speakers. You’ve really opened my eyes with quite a few things in the ear training as well… moving around the room to find the nodes where the bass sticks out, now that’s a genius idea.


Hey Gary thank you SO much! Working with you is changing my life 🙂 What I’m learning with you is opening my eyes in so many ways – not just in terms of learning the tricks of the trade, but also in terms of dispelling the lies that destroy confidence and creativity. I owe so much of this to your amazing guidance.


Hey Gary, to say I was impressed would fall WAY short! The detail and in-depth approach you take to teach your members is really off the chart GREAT. You have a natural ability as an educator and you made it seem simple yet concise. Well done my friend!!!!”