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Super-Detailed Song Critique

Get a thorough written critique of your song by award-winning producer Gary Gray. Gary will help you improve the writing, arrangement, composition and production in your track and point out areas of weakness and opportunities that perhaps you have not thought of. Improve everything by getting a fresh perspective from someone who cares.

> Get your tracks ready for release and ready to shop for lucrative licensing deals.

> Explode your knowledge of how to achieve broadcast quality, radio ready tracks like never before.

Get Feedback on Your Songs

Picture a Revolutionary Song Critiquing PLATFORM where you not only get SUPER detailed critiques of your recordings like nowhere else in the music industry BUT ALSO:

  • You receive minute and detailed instructions of exactly what to do to fix your mix in your home studio with every critique (all DAWs).

  • Your initial recording is Step 1 of a full and complete Case Study, whereby every subsequent mix you finish is uploaded and thoroughly critiqued newly, until your track is accepted.

  • You get your tracks Ready for Release and Ready for Shopping for Lucrative LICENSING Deals.

  • You get access to a brand new state-of-the-art critiquing platform.

  • All of your tracks and the accompanying critiques will be super organized so you know what to do.

  • We will help you hear details you never knew existed and give you access to scores of other songwriters/composer critiques.

Your knowledge of HOW to achieve broadcast quality, radio ready tracks will explode like never before, with rampant myths and brainwashing currently awash in the industry completely eradicated, replacing your second-guessing and uncertainty about what to listen for with a super-sharp ear and 100% confidence.

What People Are Saying:

“No other critiques anywhere in the industry match this depth and helpfulness.”


“Hey Gary, to say I was impressed would fall WAY short! The detail and in-depth approach you take is really off the chart GREAT.”


“Thanks for that awesome critique! I always find it amazing, the intensely-packed usefulness of reading your critiques......not just this one, but all of them. It's some of the best learning experiences I've had in music production and that includes a prior full course I took in 2015. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to record new drums into the track! Very helpful to understand your points. You have a real knack for honing in on the weakest link in a track,”


“Hey Gary! This week, I actually have my first paying client who wants me to produce their song for them. And more that are interested. Can you believe it? Some amazingly gifted songwriters are letting me help them present their gift to the world! Thanks for all you do!”


“One of the things I love about these critiques (written and live) is hearing things that I didn't hear before, but after hearing your comments, seem obvious in retrospect. Like your suggestion for a cold vocal intro. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? ”


“I started working with Gary one year ago. By following his advice, I now have a successful Record Label - AND, it’s not just another label. I am constantly opening doors because of the quality of the recordings I produce that people are referring to as Masterpieces. Gary has somehow developed workflows for everything. How I mix now is totally different (and I was an “experienced” mixing engineer before), this new way of mixing is amazingly effective and efficient. It really is revolutionary. I use it all the time now.”