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Get Your Music Licensed plus Coaching ☆

License your music and make money

• 6 Module Training Program
• Includes 6 MONTHS ACCESS TO COACHING ☆ calls
• All you need is 4 tracks or more to start
• License for film, TV, games and media
• 100+ licensing leads
• Publishers, Supervisors and Libraries
• 24 actionable video lessons
• Checklists, tips & tricks and inspiration 
• Stay motivated and on track
• Quick start videos and checklists
• Lifetime access

Includes these BONUSES 

Toolboxes to keep you current with the business

Exclusive Community of Supportive Musicians 

Music Licensing Guide 


What People Are Saying:

“Having this class is a great tool to get this process rolling. To be honest I've never thought I was good at the networking/biz and I definitely procrastinated since I was getting consistent work. So I appreciate what this class has done for me already and see how it can be of great value to many!”


“I've started the course and it actually helped me with some songwriting ideas for some new things I'm working on, and also helped me find some other genres that my existing songs fit into. This is excellent! This course is forcing me to be much better at this game than I've been before, and well worth the price. It's like having a career coach specifically for my songwriting career. I'm so glad I signed up for this. I could have used this course about 7 yrs ago when I was first trying to figure all of this out.”


“Thanks Joyce! I've recommended your approach to a couple friends who are wrestling with the "need to be perfectly produced" and sho needed that down-to-earth, ands-on, get-your-stuff out there approach which your provide.”


“Good talk on today's call. Thanks to all the contributors! After our call I applied to AudioSparx and listed 3 of my songs. They say they'll get back to me in a couple days! ”

Dan B

“Hey Joyce. Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the course. I could tell again from the call yesterday that you are genuinely interested in the student’s progress and success.”

John R

“I have learned so much through the course itself and most of all, the live discussions. The biggest benefit is the 1 on 1 encouragement and the confidence I get moving forward.”

Joy B

“Joyce teaches you everything you need to know to locate your own clients and have your music properly prepared to submit to them, thus bypassing extraneous gatekeepers along the way. The very same music that gatekeepers rejected is now earning thousands of dollars for me yearly because I learned to locate and deal with end users, music libraries, and music supervisors.”

Chuck H

“Out of the classes I have taken, Joyce Kettering’s program is my favorite. No crazy promises, no taking advantage of people’s dreams and insecurities… just grounded, clear info and a realistic long-haul trajectory of making money doing what I love in the way I do it best!”

Jaymie G

“The program is AWESOME! I’ve taken other licensing courses and that there is no comparison. This gives you all the tools you need to get organized and submit your music and increase the odds of licensing. And Joyce Kettering is there for you throughout the program. She really cares, vets her leads and knows what she’s talking about. The community alone is worth the price of admission. Songwriting and licensing can be very solitary pursuits, so it’s great to have someone like Joyce in your corner.”

Sharon C

“What initially attracted me to this course is that it’s taught by a person who has already slogged thru, already made the mistakes, already done the research and is actually earning revenue from sync licensing. If you want a detailed roadmap for starting and building up a sync licensing business around your music, look no further. The time you’ll save in research alone is worth more than what the course costs.”

Robert P