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Have a great song that you love but not sure it's ready for radio airplay or prime-time commercial sync licensing deals? Get a thorough written critique of your track by award-winning producer Gary Gray. See how Gary and his students consistently get LUCRATIVE Film and TV sync placements! Gary will help you improve the writing, arrangement, composition and production in your songs and guide you to understand where improvements can be made and what strengths you have as a songwriter, producer and artist... and much more! See the sample critiques below.

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"No other critiques anywhere in the world of music match this depth and helpfulness." - Jay

Getting your music professionally critiqued and produced by an experienced award-winning producer is not cheap, so most artists skip this step in their creative process because of cost, or not knowing who to turn to. This leaves them with tracks that are ok, but still need some work before they're ready for prime-time streaming or commercial licensing.

> Get your tracks ready for release and ready to shop for lucrative licensing deals.

> Explode your knowledge of how to achieve broadcast quality, radio ready tracks like never before.

> See why Gary and his students get placements on Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, CBS, ABC, HBO, PBS, and more...

Follow the system that gets these licensing placements

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Gary Gray is an Award-Winning singer/songwriter, composer, producer, engineer and Music Supervisor who has mentored hundreds of musicians from around the world.

Gary himself has been personally mentored by legends including Quincy Jones, Phil Collins, Phil Ramone, Jermaine Jackson and others.

Gary is a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy with hundreds of wins under his belt and clients like Disney, 20th Century Fox, CBS, ESPN, and more.

Get Your Songs Ready for Prime Time

A revolutionary Song Critiquing PLATFORM where you not only get super-detailed critiques of your work like nowhere else in the music industry

  • You receive minute and detailed instructions of exactly what to do to fix your mix in your home studio with every critique (all DAWs).

  • Your initial recording is Step 1 of a full and complete Case Study, whereby every subsequent mix you finish is uploaded and thoroughly critiqued newly, until your track is accepted.

  • You get your tracks Ready for Release and Ready for Shopping for Lucrative LICENSING Deals.

  • We guarantee that your “before” and “after” mixes will not only blow you away, but anyone who listens to your tracks. The SPEED with which you will be able to complete tracks will also improve dramatically.

  • You get access to a brand new state-of-the-art critiquing platform.

  • All of your tracks and the accompanying critiques will be super organized so you know what to do.

  • We will help you hear details you never knew existed and give you access to scores of other songwriters/composer critiques.

Gary has over 30 years of experience as a producer and mentor working with hundreds of musicians and artists just like yourself! He knows what will make your track stand out and he will provide very specific suggestions so that you know exactly where to go next with your songwriting or production skills.

Your knowledge of HOW to achieve broadcast quality, radio ready tracks will explode like never before, with rampant myths and brainwashing currently awash in the industry completely eradicated, replacing your second-guessing and uncertainty about what to listen for with a super-sharp ear and 100% confidence.


Gain access to a revolutionary Super-Detailed Song Critiquing system that will improve everything about your songs and change your life as a musician.

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How the Super-Detailed Song Critique Works

prepare your tracks

Prepare and Upload Your Track

Read the Detailed Case Study Song Critiquing System manual and watch the Initiation and Training video, explaining exactly how to create and upload your files.

Schedule Your Zoom Call

Get to know TEAM while we walk you through our revolutionary system for ongoing recording, mixing and mastering throughout the critiquing process.

Receive Your Song Critique

After receiving your 1st critique, follow our detailed instructions and create your 2nd mix. Address any questions in your shared Google Doc.

Repeat Until You Are Satisfied

Repeat this process with TEAM until your track is ready and you have received final approval on your final mix and master to release and shop for licensing deals.


Gain access to a revolutionary Super-Detailed Song Critiquing system that will improve everything about your songs and change your life as a musician.

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“Thanks for that awesome critique! I always find it amazing, the intensely-packed usefulness of reading your critiques......not just this one, but all of them. It's some of the best learning experiences I've had in music production. I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to record new drums into the track! Very helpful to understand your points. You have a real knack for honing in on the weakest link in a track” - Steve
The Right Place

You are here because you want to make better music and want expert feedback and advice on how to improve your song and make it a hit.

The Right Time

This revolutionary System is over 30 years in the making and has been beta tested with composers and songwriters of all levels with nothing short oflife-changing results.

The Right Mentor

Gary Gray works with the best and has mentored and produced hundreds of musicians and composers and will help you improve everything in your music (and in your life).

See and Hear the Critiquing System In Action

we're in this together song image

Critique #1

"We're in This Together" - Dale P.
Gary identifies the priority element and focuses on adjusting the arrangement on this track for a Southwest Airlines submission.

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twice alright song image

Critique #2

"Twice Alright" - Steve H.
Gary guides the writer so that there are no emotional weak links for the listener, from the very first note to the last moment of silence.

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forget about it song image

Critique #3

"Forget About It" - Dan S.
In this critique Gary covers the basics of mixing and assembly line workflow that increase the overall quality across the board.

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Why is this Critiquing System such a BIG DEAL?

Just learning how to prepare your tracks for uploading in this revolutionary system will GUARANTEE that your mixing will improve from the first minute you start mixing with Gary Gray’s revolutionary Mute Automation Checkerboard A/B Workflow (All DAWs).

This workflow, featured in Gary’s Lucrative Home Studio online training program has been helping hundreds of indie musicians create consistent broadcast quality, radio ready recordings with EVERY SINGLE MIX.

Top Pro mixers using this system swear by its EFFICIENCY and CONSISTENT QUALITY results.

Gary is known in the industry for making bold and sometimes controversial statements about what he sees as the truth about music production.

In Gary’s own words:

“There are two things I’ve been blessed with in life:

  1. An insatiable passion for sound, music and recording which started at the age of 8 (when I built my first home studio), allowing me to develop a balanced artistic/scientific approach to tens of thousands of hours of intense research regarding live and studio recorded sound and music.

  2. A fascination for people which led me to develop my personal motto, “I’m Either Networking Or Notworking!” which in turn steered me down a path where I’ve been personally mentored by legends such as Quincy Jones, Phil Collins, Phil Ramone, Jermaine Jackson and others -- and has driven me to share what I learned and what I developed with others.  

These two gifts resulted in me discovering undeniable myths and brainwashing that occur inevitably in the field of music production. Why inevitable? Because of two factors:

Factor A

Music and Sound, both being invisible subjective art forms and sciences, are prone to delivering to the musician and producer/engineer the most intense damage from un-researched or overtly destructive outside “authoritative” opinions. Artists, producers and engineers: beware! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Factor B

After thousands of hours of research into the field of psycho-acoustics, I discovered a full series of ILLUSIONS which fool every recording, mixing and mastering engineer in the studio. Discovering and mapping these illusions in detail, I was able to develop workflows which ERADICATE these illusions. 

So, this revolutionary Detailed Case Study Song Critiquing System is not adding to the scores of myths and brainwashing approaches out there, sifting good money from good people for little or no (or negative) gain to the indie or pro musician. 

Some people ask why I use extreme terms like myths and brainwashing. From my research, those are the most accurate terms to describe what people run up against when attempting to learn the truth about music production. It’s not that everyone out there is spreading myths, and brainwashing others on purpose. It stems from one of two sources (with the vast majority of people falling into Category 1, and only a handful of people falling into Category 2):

Category 1 

Unknowingly spreading unworkable information due to a lack of time and/or discipline to do personal research. In other words, this is “the blind leading the blind,” or in our industry, I call it “the deaf leading the deaf.” This category can be summed up thusly:

Prior to conquering a subject of study, a student simply does not know what they don’t know. 

Category 2  

A very small percentage of people disseminating information about music production spread lies knowingly and on purpose (such as the rare dishonest music store salesperson, saying anything to get a sale).

What I have done is organized, compiled and streamlined all the myths and the brainwashing on one hand, and all the truths on the other, sharing both with the student, clearly labeling each correctly per my research, so the student can be thoroughly enlightened and learn why the truth is the truth -- quickly without wasting time.

All of the above research has been injected and woven into the Detailed Case Study Song Critiquing System.

You will learn why the MUSIC EDITOR, and not the Music Supervisor is the person you are working for and the person who will decide your fate - based on the QUALITY of your tracks. 

You will learn how the current music licensing space is saturated with less than industry standard tracks. In the words of five of the top leading music supervisors and publishers I interviewed personally, “80 to 90 percent of tracks I listen to are unusable due to low quality production.” That is the honest truth. 

I want you to be in the top 10 to 20 percent!

I’m talking about LUCRATIVE licensing deals. I disagree with slaving away in your studio with less than a minimum wage return on your hard work.” 

- Gary Gray



Gain access to a revolutionary Super-Detailed Song Critiquing system that will improve everything about your songs and change your life as a musician.

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Gain access to a revolutionary Super-Detailed Song Critiquing system that will improve everything about your songs and change your life as a musician.

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