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Over $1000 worth of online training to Promote and Market Your Music

Everything you need to master social media, email marketing, grow your fanbase and create superfans.

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  • 3 Self Paced Online Courses
  • Step by step video tutorials to set up all your social media profiles
  • Click by click guidance for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Fast and easy ways to get more fans
  • Get your music the attention it deserves
  • Master Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & Email
  • Take the guesswork out of music promotion
  • Make your content stickier and more shareable
  • Learn what to post and when to post and how often to post
  • Take control of social media so you don’t waste time
  • Get people to engage and respond to you quickly
  • Get more people buying your music, merch, and tickets
  • Create a simple and fast system that actually works for you
  • Get all your channels working together
  • Drive hordes of fans to your email list
  • Stand out from the crowd and win

This music promotion crash course contains concise video lessons, that will show you fast and easy ways to break through, get heard, and get your music the attention it deserves. 

This simple self paced system will show you how to get more followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Learn how to use hashtags to grow your audience, and how to optimize your cover videos to get you gobs of new viewers and turn them into adoring fans who buy your music. Plus I’ll show you the latest tricks like how to use YouTube cards to keep fans watching, engaging, and subscribing to your channel. 

Get proven ways to grow your email list, and see exactly what to send out with our high converting email templates. Take the guesswork out of social media and make your content stickier, more engaging, and more shareable. I’ll show how to use automation to save you time and money, and how to use analytics to guide your efforts so you can know what’s working for you. 

Create a killer website and learn step by step how to get your promotional channels working together so you can get more people on your site buying your music, merch and tickets. And finally, start using the easy formula that will help you identify your superfans and turn them into buyers.

So what do you get?

Musician Power Tools

  • Complete online promote your music crash course
  • 40 Step by step video tutorials
  • Click by click guidance for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Learn how to build and manage your email list
  • Search strategies to turn YouTube into a fanbase growth powerhouse
  • Ways to build a highly engaged community
  • Learn what to post and when to post and how often to post
  • Instagram strategies to drive awareness at your shows
  • See real examples from indie artists who exploded their followers
  • How to create a pro website that will keep your fans coming back
  • Email strategies to develop superfans and drive fans to buy your music
  • Easy to understand step by step instructions you can apply immediately

Build Your Audience with Cover Songs

  • Cover Song Marketing Course
  • How to release and promote cover songs
  • Licensing and Copyrights
  • Attract attention
  • Grow your audience

Music Marketing 101

  • Learn to make money with your music by leveraging your interests to find real fans and harness momentum.
  • Tools to identify and create goals for marketing your music.
  • How to build your brand and leverage the power of a niche to help you differentiate and stand out.
  • See how to develop and enhance your website and create an electronic press kit (EPK) to attract attention.
  • Learn digital marketing including how to build an email list and create effective communications for your audience.
  • How to effectively promote your music on social media and how you can leverage these channels to build your audience.

Sign up and see how to promote your music with more purpose, more focus, and more impact. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels and wasting time, I can show you how to get your music heard and make a huge impression.

Musician Power Tools comes with a 7 Day 100% money back guarantee

Our number one priority is enabling you to take your music career to the next level, and if this program isn't the right solution for you, that's okay. Just email us and ask for a full refund.



    Find fans and get people to spread your message for you 
    Create your page, what to post, analytics

    Build your FANBASE by targeting audiences and remarketing 
    Create your page, cover, what to post, how to get seen, analytics

    How to get your fans to work for you! 
    Create your page, what to post, get more followers, hashtag best practices

    Maximize your visibility on the #1 music discovery platform 
    Create a channel, your videos, subscribers, cover songs, titling and tagging
    Thumbnails, interactive end screens, YouTube cards, analytics

Build a Better Website
    Develop your most important online asset 
    Building, collecting emails, critical components, blog

Create a Killer Email List
    Target your fans and drive sales 
    Email 101, what to send, newsletters, automation, analytics, segmentation

Become an Online Ninja Warrior
    Putting it all Together 

BONUSES - more videos to help your career!
    Creating Superfan communities
    Developing Rewarding Fan Experiences
    The Secrets to Power Networking
    Monetizing your audience 

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