Create a Plan and Build Your Team

The proven step by step system for success in music today taught by Dave Kusek, co-author of the Future of Music and founder and former CEO Berklee Online. For musicians, performers, songwriters, producers and managers.

We created the Music Business Accelerator to help independent musicians create a game plan for success and give you leverage so that you can harness your passion and create your dream life in music.

The truth is that no one is waiting to discover you. You have to create your own success in music and build your own audience and revenue streams in order to get the recognition and attention that will propel your forward.

That’s why we pioneered a new approach… To show you how to find the audience that will truly appreciate and love your music. To show you how you can create the music you love and make money from your passion. To accelerate your career and unlock opportunities you never knew you could achieve.

The Music Business Accelerator will:

  • Help you harness your passion for music and create your dream life in music.
  • Demystify the music business so you can clearly see what you need to do.
  • Help you develop the confidence you need to make career decisions for yourself.
  • Show you the steps to take to make a decent living doing what you love.
  • Help you build a team for success with our community.
  • Guide you through a simple process of creating a plan to reach your goals in music.
  • Give you the tools you need to build a team and find an audience who loves you.
  • Together we will level the playing field and create a plan so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and confused and start taking steps towards your dream.

You’ll get a deep understanding of exactly how the music industry works and how to make money today through performing, licensing or producing. We’ll show you the in’s and out’s and most importantly, how to unlock specific opportunities for yourself.

You’ll learn how to book more gigs – and better gigs – and easy ways to get your fans excited to show up night after night. You’ll learn how to promote your music and get new, long-term fans into your camp and ready to support you so you can finally start living a life in music on your own terms.

You’ll learn the most effective ways to build a team of people devoted to your music and ready to help you succeed – we’re talking managers, publishers, record labels, and agents. So you can stop emailing and cold calling and lay the groundwork that gets these people to come to you!

And you’ll learn how to turn all your efforts into income – multiple streams of money that can fund your next big project, album, or tour – and income that can help you finally quit that job and live a fulfilling life in music.

  • Develop a Project Plan to drive your dream forward.
  • Learn how to release music, book more shows and get deals.
  • Put together a team of people devoted to helping you succeed.
  • Get record labels, agents, or publishers interested in you and your music.
  • Create systems to manage your time and move you towards your goals.
  • Like an MBA for musicians full of proven strategies for success.
  • Finish the Music Business Accelerator and get a certificate of completion!



"My musical career has gained momentum mostly because of the strategies NAM has helped me put in place to engage an audience, build my network, and plan my future. So, THANK YOU for helping me pay the bills with a career in music. This is the life I want, love and cherish."
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"I AM OFFICIALLY MAKING A LIVING DOING WHAT I LOVE ! GREAT NEWS !!! You guys know I’ve been on tour, right, so for the months of March and April, I’ve been able to cover my rent AND my gas AND my food and other expenses through MY MUSIC !!  Merci Dave ! Your advice and inspiration has been invaluable to me!"
"New Artist Model really helped to get me organized. I was able to set up goals and feel more confident about the direction of my career. I’ve got over 50 Million Views on Facebook for a comedy music video. Thanks for your guidance Dave!"
"I have Officially become Addicted to your Programs. Being Armed with the Dave Kusek Music knowledge is SO Gratifying, SO Inspirational, and best yet, So Doable… You have a remarkable product. I can’t think of one thing I’ve learned from you that has not been absolutely SPOT ON…"

"The reason I bought the program was because of the ebook you sent out about retired people in the music business. I took a lot of your suggestions and now our group is having a ball and we are getting lots of paid gigs. They are coming back to us now wanting more. Life is good! Thanks again for all of your great advice!"


>> BONUS #1 - Indie Artist Network Community (Value $497)

>> BONUS #2 - Musicians Resource Database (Value $497)

>> BONUS #3 - Project Planner / Career Map / Budget Templates (Value $497)

PLUS 100's of Checklists, Templates and Quick Start Videos to get you up and running for promotion, marketing, social media, email, website, distribution, touring, merchandise, crowdfunding, publishing, licensing, sponsorships and more. You get ALL this as part of the NEW ARTIST MODEL 3.0!

That's nearly $1,500 worth of bonuses!

For 20 years, Dave Kusek has been innovating and leading the indie music scene.

... founder and former CEO of Berklee Online - the world’s largest music school...
... co-author of the best selling music business book “The Future of Music”...
... author of “Hack the Music Business”...
... years of sold-out course launches...
... Over 15 thousand students and counting...

Now you get ALL Dave’s best start-from-scratch, step-by-step independent music strategies with the Music Business Accelerator!

Register now and you get ALL THE BONUSES and Dave’s step-by-step system and get started now.

This entire program comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with ANY part of the program for ANY reason, just tell us within 30-days and you'll receive a full refund - no problem, no hassles, no risk, no worries.

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