Hit Music Theory

Learn music theory fast and easy

Learn music theory by seeing how the concepts are used in 10 HIT SONGS so that you can easily understand it. This 10 module online course will take you step-by-step through the essential elements of music theory. We look at the songs together and show you how to apply the theory to creating your own cover version of the songs. You’ll get examples to practice and see you how to take those concepts and use them in your own music.

  • Build your confidence as a musician

  • Save time when learning and writing music

  • Get the music out of your head and onto paper

  • Break out of your old habits

  • Be able to jam with anybody

  • Understand why great songs work

  • Discover the theory secrets you missed as a kid

  • Expand your repertoire

  • Become a better songwriter

  • Improve your live performances and jams

  • Expand your audience and grow your fanbase

These 10 Hit Songs will help you Quickly Learn Music Theory

We’ve hand picked some of the most popular hit songs ever recorded so that we can show you everything you need to know about music theory. See hit songs deconstructed step by step as we show you what makes these songs tick. We break them down, look inside and then help you reconstruct each one of them as an original cover song. These songs were specifically chosen to provide the fastest way for you to learn music theory and the universal concepts that popular artists and songwriters use every day to craft the hits.

Hit Music Theory is the key to unlocking your understanding of music and putting you on equal footing with the best musicians.

Once you complete the course you will be able to translate the sounds you hear in your head into music that you can play.

Get all 10 modules including all 10 Hit Songs

PLUS 3 BONUSES worth over $600!

 Indie Artist Network online community ($500 value)
Private Facebook group of thousands of musicians from around the world.

 Hit Music Notation Primer ($37 value)
Your exclusive guide to music notation companion book.

 10 Music Business Lessons ($97 value)
Music Marketing Basics - The Art of the Cover Song

In HIT MUSIC THEORY you will learn NINJA SKILLS that will give you a thorough understanding of modern music theory including Notation, Rhythm, Subdivision, Melody, Harmony, Scales, Intervals, Key Signatures, Nashville Numbering, Chords, Major, Minor, Perfect, Diminished, Augmented, Diatonic Harmony, Phrasing, Chord Function, Chromaticism, Relative Minor, Modes, Triplets, Pentatonic, Diatonic, Harmonic Sequence, Motivic Sequence, Interval Quality, Building, Creating Tension, Voice Leading, Inversions, Open Voicing, Arpeggios, Contrary Motion, Parallel Motion and much more.




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