Elite Music Business Mastery

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This affordable alternative to a music business degree will save you tens of thousands of dollars and help you advance your career in music today.

We offer a more intelligent and affordable alternative through sophisticated online courses, webinars and clinics and private coaching. By creating a unique and custom strategy that works for you, we will  guide you, help you build a team, focus your efforts, and drive your music career forward.

Stay out of debt and save a fortune and be better off. Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on a music business degree when you can get a better education through the information contained in this program. Save your money and use it to market your music and execute your strategy for success.

Get one year worth of proven and actionable training personalized just for you. Experience the very best training available with everything you need to succeed in the music business today right here.  

Get lifetime access to the Elite Music Business Mastery program, Music Business Accelerator, Get Your Music Licensed, The Lucrative Home Studio, the Master Class Archive, promote your music crash course, music business success guide, career map and more.


  • Music Business Accelerator

  • Two 1 on 1 Coaching Calls with Dave Kusek

  • Get Your Music Licensed Course

  • Lucrative Home Studio Course Plus Coaching

  • 6 Coaching Calls with Gary Gray

  • Music Business Guide to Success Interviews

  • Exclusive Master Class Archive

  • Over $7,500 value

Music Business Accelerator Course

  • Complete Self-Paced Online Music Business Training Program

  • Over 100 Core Interactive Video Learning Modules

  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Program Online

  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook group

  • Go through the program at your own pace to fit in your busy schedule

  • Share it with your band mates, your business manager and your team

  • Network with other indie musicians from around the world

  • Discover strategies to turn your music career into a sustainable and profitable business

  • Start implementing your strategy immediately with the tools we provide

  • Includes a music career map template for you to fill out on your own time

  • Includes hundreds of musician bonuses and resources

  • Thousands of dollars of value for you available right now

  • Learn practical skills that will allow you to start living your dream

Get Your Music Licensed Course

  • 100+ licensing leads

  • Get started quickly

  • Film, TV, games & media

  • Identify your ideal customer

  • Leverage your niche and genre

  • Double your musical output

  • Get publishers, supervisors, libraries

  • Quick start videos and checklists

  • Over 100 Core Interactive Video Learning Modules

The Lucrative Home Studio Course

  • Online Music Production Training

  • 6 coaching calls with award winning producer Gary Gray

  • Produce Your Next Hit In Your Home Studio

  • Learn to Record – Mix – Master – Produce

  • Create Radio-Ready mixes every time

  • Develop Confidence in your Production Skills

  • Create a Six-Figure money making machine

  • Master a business mindset and solid reputation

  • Find your niche and position your services

Master Class Archive 

Recordings of all previous live Master Classes.


  • Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Licensing and Copyright

  • Publishing and Placements

  • Crowdfunding and Fan Funding

  • Merchandise

  • Time Management

  • Team Building

  • Finance and Budgeting

  • Distribution and Sales

  • Touring / House Concerts

  • Planning and Strategy

Music Business Guide to Success

  • Self-Paced Online Music Business Training

  • Music Supervisors and Song Placement in Film & TV

  • A & R – What Record Labels are Looking for

  • Creating Super Fan Communities 

  • Producing Music 

  • How to make Spotify and streaming pay off 

  • How to Attract the Attention of a Music Publisher

  • Visualizing Success – Planning for the Future 

Exclusive Music Industry Webinar and Clinic Series

Actionable Instructions and the Latest Techniques

  • Music Licensing and Sync Deals

  • Music Promotion and Publicity

  • Getting Media Coverage

  • Gigging, College Tours and House Concerts

  • Songwriting Mixing and Production Tips

  • Get a Grammy Winning Voice

  • Build the Ultimate Musician Website

PLUS BONUSES worth over $1,500 including Checklists, Discounts, eBooks, Videos and Quick Start Guides:

  • Indie Artist Network Membership

  • Musician's Resource Library 

  • Instant Access to all Previous Master Classes

  • EBooks, PDFs and video lessons 

  • Discounts and VIP Access to Events


Elite Music Business Mastery

Get exclusive 1 on 1 access to Dave.  Training includes the Music Business Accelerator, Lucrative Home Studio, Get Your Music Licensed, all Master Classes, plus the Music Business Guide to Success.

$4,997.00 USD