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The Secret to Getting Your Music Heard by More People & Licensed


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Create Masterpiece Quality Music and Get Your Music Ready for Distribution and Licensing

Make Better Music with TEAM!

We are going to reveal a Blueprint, a proven ROADMAP for success.

Discover how the Total TEAM Process will help you focus on yourself, your strengths and your skills as a producer, songwriter, engineer and composer. 

Expand Your Personal Capabilities

Tap into Vice Watch a secret method of artist development.

Learn the complete Music Assembly Line

Improve and define every stage of your music production process.

Create Masterpiece Quality Recordings

Get revolutionary production techniques and our song critiquing system.

Tap into the System that Gets Your Music HEARD and LICENSED

music licensing clients

Learn how to create masterpiece quality music in your home studio.

> Open up music distribution and licensing opportunities for you and your music.

Get your music HEARD and out into the world in ways you never imagined possible.

Create a path to do music full time and make money with your music. 

> Tap into a music licensing system that consistently gets recognition and placements.

Gary Gray

TEAM is helping to create a renaissance in the music industry through artist development and empowerment. Nowhere else does the priority focus fall upon the artist themselves, their character and their interactions with fellow human beings in addition to their craft. Our goal is to create success for musicians by developing their strengths through life coaching, education, and opportunity.” 

TEAM is a music licensing and education company focused on delivering advanced training, support and opportunities for music production and licensing.

For musicians, composers and producers who wish to significantly improve the quality of their music and secure lucrative music licensing and sync placement opportunities - TEAM is a rare business partner.

TEAM utilizes a personalized approach and proprietary techniques to help artists dramatically increase the marketability of their music and their personal success as musicians, composers and producers.

TEAM Premium Access focuses on core areas such as music licensing, composition, songwriting, arranging, music theory, and music production.  But in addition, we offer personal development training along with the business of music, music marketing and how to network. 

This life coaching helps musicians, composers and producers expand their foundation and build the interpersonal skills needed to make it in the industry.

The Total TEAM Process includes a proprietary 10- step “Assembly Line”  approach to music success which is unique and found nowhere else.  Our dedicated group of professionals stand behind each of our clients, helping as they create their own “Assembly  Line” to success in music licensing and production.

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