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New Artist Model is an online school for independent musicians, songwriters and producers that will accelerate your career.  We offer an array of courses on everything from how to promote your music, get your music licensed, create a business plan for your music career, producer radio-ready songs and everything in-between.

Learn about the music industry and how to grow your audience. Learn how to license your music for film, TV and sync placements. Discover how to produce radio-ready professional quality music for streaming sites and licensing opportunities. See how to tap into multiple revenue streams and finally get the recognition you deserve.

Please note that all sales from this point forward are final and that we will not offer any 30 day refunds moving forward.

What people say about New Artist Model

picture of Saskia


New Artist Model is awesome. My career has gained momentum mostly because of the strategies NAM has helped me put in place. Especially to build my network and plan.  I’ve learned that my ‘story’ is AS important as my songs in engaging with my audience. So, THANK YOU for helping me pay the bills with a career in music. This is the life I want, love and cherish.

picture of Javier


Hey guys! This week, I actually have my first paying client who wants me to produce their songs for them. And more that are interested. Can you believe it?

Some amazingly gifted songwriters are letting me help them present their gift to the world! Thanks for all you do!

picture of Bea


Having worked with Eric Clapton and The Cure I've been part of the old music industry and now immersed in the new one. I can testify that Dave takes the best of both worlds and presents us with a toolkit that leads to success and a joyful and manageable artistic pathway.

I recommend his courses whole-heartedly as an artist and business woman.

Rishi and Parvati

This is intelligent. heart driven and serves the demands of artists in an industry in flux.

These empowering techniques are the foundation. It's very refreshing.

Dave correctly nailed the genre that we are running with for the song I Am Light (Celestial pop) which is currently finding a home on Top 40 radio formats in 15 countries and growing.

picture of Chuck


I learned everything I needed to know to locate clients for licensing deals. And how to have your music properly prepared to submit. I also learned how to bypass the gatekeepers.

The very same music that they rejected is now earning thousands of dollars for me yearly! I learned to locate and deal with end users, music libraries, and music supervisors.


Four of the seven tracks I sent made it into the show, and they want the other tracks for their catalog …

I’ll tell you when I turned on the TV and heard the first song … I almost lost it. LOL.

The detail and in-depth approach you take to teach your members is really off the charts GREAT man. I really can’t say thanks enough.