Lucrative Home Studio Basic (Special Pricing)

Create radio-ready tracks and produce your way to profit with the Lucrative Home Studio. Taught by award winning producer Gary Gray, the Lucrative Home Studio will help you master the business, technical, and creative secrets of consistently producing professional radio-ready recordings.

This 8 module online training program will take your production chops WAY beyond tracking, mixing and mastering and help you produce your way to profit and satisfaction.

If you’re in a band and looking for a way to consistently get that same radio-ready recording quality you get from high-end professional studios – in your home studio without shelling out a ton of cash, take this course and put yourself in a position of incredible value to any band.

If you want to  attract and retain high-paying clients like production companies, ad agencies, corporate and label gigs, take this course and see how to keep your clients happy and coming back for more. You will learn how to build a state-of-the-art home studio that consistently produces top-quality professional recordings without shelling out thousands of dollars to go to other studios (that you will no longer need).

YOU are the most vital link in the chain of music production. You’ll learn how to confidently wear the hats of the producer, mixing engineer, AND mastering engineer by relying on your ear, not your gear.

And you’ll learn the easy steps to upgrade your professionalism, identify and attract high-paying clients, and produce your way to a profitable income all from your home studio. 

  • Upgrade your EAR with techniques that will save you time and money and set you apart.

  • Learn how to be both a great producer AND a great engineer. (Yes, you can be both!)

  • Learn step-by-step how to mix and master radio-ready recordings from your home studio.

  • Build or upgrade a home studio to industry standards without wasting money (including room prep, plans, gear, and equipment).

  • Develop a 6-figure money making machine with your home studio.

  • Feel more confident in your producing, mixing, and mastering abilities.

  • Turn any space into a profitable home studio and avoid the big home studio myths that will waste you thousands of dollars.

  • Learn how to price your services confidently to ensure you get adequately paid for your work.

  • Get bands and clients willing to pay for your services to come to YOU.

  • Learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with clients and close more deals.

  • Develop a business mindset and solid reputation that will keep clients coming back.

  • Get a system in place to manage your studio’s income, expenses, bookings, and administration.

  • Find your niche and position your services to consistently land high-paying clients that compliment your skill level and expertise.


8 Modules of In-Depth Training on Music Production

Module 1: The Big Picture (Breaking thru myths that hold you back)

Module 2: The secret weapons of attitude and actions and true confidence

Module 3: Mixing, A/B’ing, intonation, eq, delay, doubling, reverb, parallel compression

Module 4: How to Master Your Mixes (Yes, You Can Do It)

Module 5: Music Production Ear Training (Upgrade your EAR, not your GEAR)

Module 6: How to Set Up and Operate Your Lucrative Home Studio

Module 7: If You Already Have a Home Studio but it’s Sputtering and Limping

Module 8: How to Operate a Lucrative Home Studio Servicing Happy Clients

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